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Contact: Amy Williamson, Product Manager, MultiAd® Creator

MultiAd® Creator Desktop version 7.0.2Now Shipping

July 12, 2005 (Peoria, IL) MultiAd is now shipping MultiAd Creator Desktop version 7.0.2. In this release, Creator delivers a new version jam-packed with features that users have requested through the "Feature Request" program. Below is a highlight of the new features and pricing information.

This update is free to all registered users of Creator Desktop version 7.0 and can be downloaded at

Functionality and Formatting
Version 7.0.2 gives the user more control when it comes to formatting and designing, making working with text easier than ever. A new option for justified text gives the user the ability to select the amount of space to distribute between characters and words. An option to have text spacing contract when justifying is also available. The Make Fraction (script) command is now available in the Format Menu, and the Make Matrix feature now has an option to link text blocks from top-to-bottom-left-to-right or left-to-right-top-to-bottom. When editing text, the user can now double-click on a price as text and Creator will select the entire dollar figure including the currency symbol for faster editing. In addition, a new preference allows Creator to automatically fit text to a text block, making the process of placing text more efficient.

Other formatting features include the option in which the user can center align a document based on the paper size or to the printable area. Creator also has a new preference option that lets the user display the status label, defined in the Document Settings dialog, in the document window inline with the horizontal scroll bar.

Efficiency in Productivity
Version 7.0.2 provides the user with quick options for opening documents and output options. Creator now has an Open Recent function that allows the user to access recently opened documents through a menu, making documents easier to find. Getting a document ready for print is only a click away. A Gather for Output (script both Mac and PC) function is now available in the File Menu. Creator automatically gathers the document, fonts, images and color profiles in a user-defined folder.

Importing and Exporting
Version 7.0.2 adds new options for exporting and placing PDF and EPS files. When exporting to PDF and EPS format, the user can specify a bleed amount. When placing PDF or EPS files, the user will now be warned if there are any missing fonts.

Pricing Information
Purchase one full copy of MultiAd Creator Desktop for $99. Any customer who currently has a copy of any version of Creator Desktop can upgrade to MultiAd Creator Desktop version 7.0.2 for $79 Education and site licensing options are available. Creator can be purchased at or by calling MultiAd Creator customer service at 800-245-9278, ext. 5324.

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