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"When one door closes, another one opens." In order to open new doors to meet today's new challenges and focus efforts in other areas of Creator Technology, MultiAd will no longer develop Creator Desktop. In light of this decision and as a Creator Desktop user, you have an opportunity to upgrade and get all the robust Creator Professional features at a special price.

Creator Technology is also being used for many developments including AdCreators and two new products designed for the newspaper industry, MultiAd Revolution and SpeedyAd.

Open new doors in your own design work
As a Creator Desktop user, you already know that Creator's intuitive interface is incredibly easy to learn. You also know that Creator Desktop is extremely powerful, giving you the tools you need to create and publish your own professional-looking documents (ads, newsletters, flyers) with ease.

By upgrading to MultiAd Creator Professional, you will discover that you can enhance your productivity with a full set of palettes, including one of our most popular features, the files palette, PDF import, color separations, spot colors, additional color libraries, additional text and element styles, copy fit text, layers and many more features.

Updated Pricing

For a side-by-side comparison of the new features you'll gain with an upgrade to Creator Professional, click here. The most popular features you’ll gain include:

Copy Fit Text
Automatically scale the size or leading of text to fit perfectly inside a text box.

Multi-Column Text
Create any number of columns within a text box.

PDF Import
Place multi-page PDF files in your document as a graphic.

Magic Wand Tool
Mask the background of a graphic or specific area within the graphic.

Flip Tool
Flip an element (or group of elements) in any direction.

Place Graphic into Container
Place graphics and elements directly into the container, saving four steps.

Style Models ad Element Styles
Automatically apply multiple formatting characteristics to text selections and graphic elements.

Files Palette
Quickly access graphics and other files to be placed in your document.

Spread Order
Process your documents (e.g., booklets, newsletters, etc.) to print or be exported in the exact order necessary for printing without changing the order of the original layout.

File Utilities Dialog Box
View a listing of all graphics used in your document. You can use this dialog box to find, replace and copy graphic files.

Replace Fonts Dialog Box
View and change the fonts used in your document.

To view all the new features you’ll get with Creator Professional version 8, click here.

Our dedicated customer service and technical support staff is here for you. We thank you for your use and support of MultiAd Creator.
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