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Why Upgrade

System Requirements



Text Formatting Creator
Creator Desktop
Character and Paragraph model tags into workflow
Copy Fit
Drop Caps
Edit White Text as percentage of gray
First Baseline Factor
Fit Text Block
Paragraph Styles
Style Models
Superior and Inferior Text Styles
Improved Text Attributes Interface
Title Case and Small Caps Text Styles
Two Types of Underline Options
Type Styles
Vertical Text Alignment
Word Space

Suggest Hyphenation for individual words
Save Hyphenation exceptions
Control the Hyphenation of capitalized words
Control the minimum number of characters before and after a hyphen
Specify the minimum word size to hyphenate
Specify the maximum number of consecutive hyphens
Hyphenate 11 different languages
Multiple User Dictionaries
Element Features

Apply a fill, frame, shadow or gradient to any element
Arrow Heads
Automatic Drop Shadows
Containment Tool
Cubic Beziers
Element Styles
Indenpendent Rectangle Corners
Mask Graphic with Shape
Magic Wand (Mask) Tool
Multiple Color Gradients
Multiple Operations for Combining Paths
Apply Textures for Lines and Frames
Apply Gradients to Lines and Frames
Colorize Grayscale Graphics
Text and Element Features

Text On a Path
Text on a Path to Path Element
Multi-line Text to Path Element
Arrange Elements in Stacking Order
Embed Elements in Text
Independent Text and Element Shadows
Make Matrix
Multi-Line Text to Path Element
Scale Text and Graphics Proportionally
Skew Elements and Text
Text Wrapping
Align Objects by centers or by same edge
Muti-Column Text
0° Text Editing
Color Management

NAA Color
Color Sync
Web Safe Color
Auto Convert EPS Spot Colors to Process
Font Management

Add Any Font Size
Instant Font Activation
Save Reference to Missing Fonts

Quick Open Menu
Creator Border Editor
Over Three Hundred Borders Included
Support Features

Multiples Levels of Undo Redo
Cross Platform
Open Creator Files across Platform
OS X Support
Place Native Documents
Full Drag and Drop Support (Document to Document)
Import Style Models from Creator Documents
Adobe Photoshop Clipping Path Support
Recover Broken Links
Backwards Compatibility to 3.6
Check for text overflow on Opening
Check for text overflow on Printing
Check for text overflow on Saving Ad
Check for text overflow on exporting
Check for Missing Fonts when Printing
Check for Missing Fonts when Exporting
Check for Missing Fonts when Importing
User Interface

Arrange Palette
Border Tool
Combined Text and Element Palette
Custom Menus via Startup Scripts
Contextual Menus via Applescript
Attached Applescripts
Files Palette Sort
Flip Tool on Tools Palette
Hand Tool on Tools Palette
Keyboard Operated Tools Palette
Improved Regular Polygon Tools
File Utilities
Scale text with Keyboard
Set Guides Numerically
Starburst Tool
Startup Script Folder
Reshape Tool on Tools Palette
Color Separations
New Color Item in Color Popup Menus
Swatch View in Colors Palette
Place Files with Scaled Picture Box
Skew Tool
Trapping Palette
Improved Document Dialog
Zoom Tools on Tools Palette
Baseline Grid
Customizable Work Space
Document Features

User defined auto save
Bleed Items On/Off
Document Size Handle
Dual Save
Export EPS
Export GIF
Export JPEG
Export PDF
Export Text
Export TIFF
Export XML
Place PDF Files
Multiple Master Spreads
Multiple Pages
Multiple Windows of Same Document
Over 80 predefined page sizes
Save a Copy As
Embed Fonts in EPS
Embed Fonts in PDF
International Smart Quotes
Custom Status Labels
Document Info
Set New Text Default Font
Set New Text Default Alignment
Set New Text Default Hyphenate
Set New Text Default Size
Gather for Output
SAU Sizes for 48, 50 & 52 Inch Web Press

ACES (Ad Control Event Suite)
Applescriptable, Attachable, and Recordable
PC COM Support
Customizable menus via Applescript
Viewing and Navigating

Display Invisible Characters
Display or Hide Page Guides
Set Graphic Preview Resolution
Set True Preview for EPS
Show on Screen Ornaments
800 Percent Zoom
View Invisibles
Color Guides
Place Guides Numerically or by point and click
Distribute Guides across a given space
Set a snap to distance for guides
Spell Check as you type

Print 300 DPI to Non Postscript Printer
Print to Non Postscript Printer
Print Text Block Only
Print Registration Marks
Print Crop Marks
Print Color Bar
Print Selected Items Only
Print Document Description
Print Plate Information
Send OPI Comments for TIFF Files
Substitute OPI Comments for EPS Files
Omit Postscript for TIFF Files
Print EPS Spot Colors as Process
Print User Order or Press Order (Booklet Printing)