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In 1989, Multi-Ad Services released the first generation of Creator technology to fill a need in the newspaper industry for a user-friendly Macintosh-based desktop publishing application. The launch of Multi-Ad Creator sparked a revolution in the way ads were produced. The install base for Creator quickly grew and it became the preferred application for ad production professionals.

Creator Professional is the cross-platform replacement for the current desktop products. This new product is written on a platform-independent code-base, providing Windows users with the same ad production capabilities as Mac users.

All Features Included - We take pride in the fact that Creator Professional is more complete out of the box than any other desktop publishing program. With Creator Professional, we furnish you with a complete program: no extensions or plug-ins required. Much of Creator Professional's functionality is unavailable in other layout software even with the addition of Extensions and Plug-ins, but if you tried, you would well exceed $3,000* per copy of layout software on your own. Even then you could not match the way Creator Professional delivers its features in an easy-to-use and learn interface.

If you develop advertising or promotional materials, MultiAd Creator is made for the way you work. This sophisticated layout software is ideal for design and production, with powerful tools to boost your efficiency and creativity.

*Based on estimated cost of comparable Extensions and Plug-ins and estimated street price of Creator Professional.