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Creator AppleScripts (Mac)

Add Key Command
This Startup script adds a Key Equivalent to the Export EPS menu.

Change to Creator Document
Use this script if you have a Creator file that's been stripped of its file type and/or its creator type. Do not put this script in the Script Menu Folder. Instead, put it on the desktop, and drag and drop the Creator file onto the script icon.

Color Replacer
This script changes one color to another color (e.g., red to blue) everywhere it occurs in a document. This script asks you to specify one color change; if you want to change another color, you must run the script again.

Name Shrink 1.1
Creates a shrinking effect on text in an active text block.

Creates a spinning effect on text in an active text block.

Toggle Path Openness
Changes the property of a Path Element that has only one contour (one section, no holes) to open or close, depending upon its current state. If the path is open when the script is run, it will close. If the path is closed when the script is run, it will open (only if it was open to begin with, though).

Update Graphic
Updates the selected placed graphic to the current version saved on disk.

Convert Box to Line
Converts a rectangle into a line, for use when a thin filled rectangle is used as a line.

Creator VB Scripts (PC)

Batch EPS Export
Script will prompt the user for a folder containing C6 ads and export them as EPS to a user defined destination. This script logs errors for missing graphics, fonts, and overflowed text. This script includes fonts in the EPS.