This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.2 for Mac since version 8.0.1.
• The Preview button in the Print Dialog box now functions as expected.
• Bitmap graphics are now properly compressed when documents are exported to EPS on PowerPC-based Macs resulting in a smaller EPS file.
• TIFF files saved from Preview now place correctly.
• New preference in EPS Export dialog box called "Make gradients more compatible". Selecting this checkbox will allow documents containing gradients to print correctly to a wider variety of printers. Note: Selecting this checkbox will result in a larger EPS file.
• The Universal Dictionary now properly installs from the Creator Installer.
• Dragging and dropping Graphics files from the Finder or Desktop will now properly place into a Creator document on OS X 10.3.9.
• The quality of gradients is improved in documents exported to PDF.
• A triangle shape or any path with a point with a frame width of 10 point or higher will now refresh properly if moved.
• A grayscale TIFF that has been colorized with a Pantone Spot color will now properly separate to a Spot plate.
• Creator now has registered MIME types for Creator documents and CIF documents. They are application/vnd.multiad.creator and application/vnd.multiad.creator.cif, respectively.
• Images printed to a Xinet PDF Spooler or Xinet Print Spooler from a Mac PowerPC now print right side up and are no longer mirrored.
• Dragging Tables to size now works correctly on PowerPC-based Macs.
• Cropping guides now appear in white when an image with a black background is placed over an image with a black background.

This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.1 for Macintosh since version 8.0.0.

• Various issues with merging cells in Tables have been resolved.
• When placing multiple PDFs to the same spread in a multiple page document, Creator Professional will no longer crash.
• The Gather For Output command will now ask the user to replace the existing file or create new file. The name of the folder created will be appended with the word "gathered".
• Items on pasteboard will now print as expected when Bleed Items at Edge is enabled.
• The keyboard shortcut to activate Leading on the Specifications Palette, cmd+opt+\, now functions as expected.
• The Place With Cursor option now functions properly in the Place Graphic dialog and no longer conflicts with the Place Graphic in Container dialog.
• Special characters are now correctly displayed in a document when using the Import Text command to import RTF files.
• Pasting or using the keyboard to manipulate text in the Find dialog now functions correctly.
• Unicode text on Intel-based Macs now imports properly.
• Text no longer appears clipped when used with some fonts.
• The scale percentage in the Scale field of the EPS Export dialog will now properly default to 100%.
• When working in the Page Manager in a document containing numerous pages, you can now access to any page you are assigning a name to without having to scroll back to it in order to assign it a master spread and you can now remain working with pages in the same section of the document without having to keep scrolling back to them.
• The preference to "Convert RGB to CMYK when generating postscript or PDF" now works as expected.
• Tags used in combination with break text and hard delimiters now function correctly.
• Changing the dimension of a size in the Sizes panel of the Preferences dialog will now properly apply the change.
• Element styles with a shadow setting now display properly when applied to a graphic element with a clip path.
• The Delete Empty Layers script now functions as expected.
• When Check Spelling As You Type is enabled, words containing apostrophes are no longer improperly undersquiggled.
• Misspelled words now display in boldface.
• Selected items in a container now center horizontally or vertically as expected.
• Using the reshape tool to manipulate certain points on a path no longer result in a crash.
• Objects placed in a container now center correctly when the shortcut keys cmd+5 are applied.
• Selecting Save PDF as Postscript in the Print dialog now functions as expected.