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| Mercedes-Benz

Clic & COM is an extranet site that allows the network of Mercedes-Benz France dealers to create from an on-line document building tool, in real time, its own corporate approved advertising materials for the entire network at the local dealer level. Materials include newspaper advertising, magazine, and posters, as well as letterhead, fax letterhead, and business cards.

The Regional Daily Press (PQR) requires that dimensions of documents correspond exactly to those of reserved space, which varies from publication to publication. A dealer can enter exact dimensions of their black and white newspaper ad, then the Dynamic Resizing feature of the AdCreator will resize each document precisely to the reserved dimension.

| Saab

The goal of the Saab Toolbox is to give all Saab dealers and their agencies the easiest possible access to Saab advertising materials and increased flexibility. In just a few clicks, dealers can use the Saab Toolbox on-line AdCreator to select approved images, secondary visuals, headlines, subheads, copy blocks and disclaimers to create a reproduction quality file deliverable to their agency.

Depending on the ad produced and the type of printer and program used by the dealer, a dealer can use the Multiple File Format Export feature to export a GIF, JPG, PDF, or TIF format, then download the file to their desktop, and/or e-mail the file directly to their publication.

| Bank of America

Through the Off the Shelf AdCreator, branches are provided with multiple ad building options with the most popular categories from Off The Shelf.

When building ads, user are presented with two kinds of text blocks: customizable and not customizable. When a customizable ad is chosen, users can type in the custom text, such as the name of the organization or special event. Using the multiple Text Formatting options of the AdCreator, a Character Countdown feature lets users know how much space is available in the text block.

| 3M United States

The 3M Advertising Toolkit for Scotchgard" Protector supplies retailers of Scotchgard" Protector with 3M approved materials. Retailers use it to make everything from newspaper ads to billboards.

Using the Session Management feature, retailers can manage their AdCreator session by choosing Save or Save As from the AdCreator menu, which allows an ad to be retrieved and modified later. Saving the ad also provides an additional storage location in the event the downloaded file is lost.

| AT&T Wireless

The Indirect ADvocate site contains creative support to all AT&T Wireless markets across the United States. Users can create newspaper ads or yellow page ads.

Multiple markets with varying offers are systematically controlled by the corporate site administrator through the use of Custom Rules that define how the ad elements can be used within the ad, as well as the accessibility of elements defined by a retailers location. As a retailer logs in to the Indirect ADvocate site, he will only be presented with element choices specific to his location. When a particular product is selected, the corresponding prices or rebates are automatically calculated according to the retailer's location.

| Mazda Service & Parts

Dealers can build co-op approved newspaper and wholesale ads on-line.

Using the AdCreator and a custom Dealer Services feature, dealers can maintain a dealer profile on-line to prepopulate dealer information areas of ads. Dealers can review and update their profile at any time. Dealers can view a real-time Live Preview of the ad being built and select the size and quality of their preview based on their connection speed and printing capability.